The Committee

Who runs the club, what they look like, and what they have to say about it!

James Drewett-whatley


Hi, seems I'm president this year... So I'll be busying away with my third year of Mechanical Engineering, whilst trying to give you the best the walking club can offer! With that in mind it'll be great to get into the peaks for a well earned break and good long natter.

It's going to be a great time, and it will be brilliant to see you all!!

Lotte Frørup

Vice President & Inclusions & Fundraising

Hello! I’m Lotte, this year’s Vice President, Fundraising Officer and Inclusions Officer. I help run the club by replying to your emails, keeping the minutes at committee meetings and so on. Also, I’ll be organising the club’s fundraising for Edale Mountain Rescue and seeking to make the club as inclusive as possible.

Harry Scott


Hi, I'm Harry, a third year general engineer. As treasurer I closely guard the treasure maps that lead to SUWC's hordes of loot, buried deep in the Peak District. I also oversee the embezzlement of our funds in dubious projects like trips, socials and kit. When I'm not walking the fells I'm usually running up them, because it's fun apparently. 

Matthew Saward

Safety and Training Officer & Trips & Covid Officer

Hi! I’m Matt, a 3rd year MMath student. While a relative newbie to the club, I’m no stranger to the outdoors, having been involved with expedition leadership for the past few years. I am currently working towards my Mountain Leader Award.

My favourite spot in the Peak District is Grindsbrook Clough; I’m looking forward to sharing some amazing walking spots with you on upcoming trips.

I’ll also be planning and coordinating leadership training throughout the year, as well as all the exciting paperwork to keep us safe out in the hills! 

Andrew Wood


Hello! I’m a final year Biomedical Science PhD student. I joined the club back in 2013 when I first arrived in Sheffield and haven’t left since! I am an experienced walks leader and have been on the committee for four years including two years as the club’s President. This year I am excited to take on the role of the Walks Officer, whereby I’ll oversee the planning of our walks calendar. I am keen to ensure we have a balance of both shorter and longer walks to cater for all abilities.

Alex Hagelberg


Hello, I’m Alex and I’m kit officer for this year. I’ve been with the club since I started uni, and I’ve been a leader all that time. My job is just to make sure all the leaders have their safety kit and that it’s all in good order.

Jordan Fisher


So it's my third year as web officer - not much has changed! I still keep the website up to date and looking swanky, as well as being a Grade II leader (so you'll be seeing me leading walks on Kinder with any luck!)

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