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Here's a quick look at the people responsible for what we get up to this year
Andrew Wood

Molly Preger


I’m currently attempting to tackle my third year of University, and also my third year of being a member of the Sheffield University Walking Society! I really don’t think I would have survived so long at Uni if it was not for the ability to be able to escape to the Peak District every-so-often. Being now President of the Society this year as well, I want to continue to be able to offer this much-needed opportunity of escape. I also look forward to meeting some new great people along the way! 

Molly Preger

Andrew Wood

Vice President 

I have recently graduated from The University of Sheffield with a BSc in Biomedical Science, and I am now continuing my studies by commencing a PhD. I have been a member of SUWC for four years, and had the privilege of being the club’s President in the 2016-2017 academic year. This year I have taken on the role of Vice President; this involves answering emails and Facebook messages sent into the club, and taking the minutes at the club’s committee meetings.

Cam Hay

Matt Coleman

Walks Officer

I am currently the walks officer for the club, meaning I am the one who ensures the people (leaders) are in place to run the walks we provide. I’m a 4th year Mech Eng student finishing off my Masters and I originally am from the Midlands. (Yes it exists despite what the North and South might say).
Having been hiking for many years the walking club was a natural extension of an activity I have enjoyed for so long. It’s the best way to declutter one's mind after the working week.

Alex Nice

Hanz MI Tantiangco

Trips Officer

My name is Hanz, a second year student of Molecular Biology. The type of walks I enjoy are the challenging ones like the Long Distance Walkers Association's Challenge Events. Being a Trips Officer makes me responsible for organising the club's trips around the UK. I am excited to have a more involved role with the society this year and hope to see plenty of you come along! 

Dan Stark

Alex Nice

Social secretary

Hello! I'm Alex, the Social Sec but with experience in publicity and trips. I'm currently on a Masters course in Translation Studies, so if you don't understand the club's sense of humour, I might be able to make sense of it for you! One of my favourite routes is the Mam Tor > Winnats Pass > Castleton route, which is bassically a big hill with madly wild weather followed by a picturesque village. We get quite a high amount of international students too, so don't worry if your'e not feeling that confident - if you have any doubts, just send us an email or face book message.

Isaam Mawhoube

Issam Mawhoube

Kit Officer

Hiya! My name is Issam Mawhoube; I am an overseas student from Morocco doing an engineering course. Being the Kit Officer, I have the responsibility to make sure all the kit needed for the walks is organised and in order. My favourite walk is any walk that involves bad weather; it just gives you way more stories to tell! 

Anthony Choi

Noye Isamah


Hi, I’m Noye and I’m the treasurer! That means that even if you don’t ever hand money to me directly, it all goes past me at some point, so if you have any questions about it I’m your girl. I joined the club last year, but this is actually my third year in Sheffield (I kept googling Sheffield Hiking Club, whoops). I have a really unfortunate habit of looking a lot more unfriendly than I mean to, but I promise I want to talk to you! You’re most likely to catch me on Saturday walks, especially near the beginning of the semester even when it’s cold (no guarantees if it’s raining though!)  

James Gath


Safety and Training Officer

Hellooooooo! (…haha…) I’m currently a PhD student in the chemistry department and I joined the club all the way back in 2012 (…oh dear, I’m old…) My roles on the committee this year are safety and training officer and publicity. Being safety officer I make sure that everyone is safe and happy on our walks and hopefully no one ends up falling off a cliff, followed by sheep or ends up in the middle of a lake. However, being publicity officer also means you’ll get a lovely email from the club every Tuesday (…read till the very end…) and you’ll see me on most of the walks. I’m usually the short one who has a slight laughing problem and can normally be seen clutching a block of nutritious malt loaf (…FYI, sliced malt loaf isn’t as good as what you might think…) Anyway, my favourite place to walk is Grindleford. Not only is it home to Curbar edge, which provides some nice views on a good day, the train station café also does huge pint mugs of tea! 

Kas Raisi 

Web and Inclusions Officer 

I’m Kas, your web and inclusions officer., Leeds born and bred, despite the exotic name – the local Yorkshireman of the group. I have recently graduated from an MA in Subtitling and Translation Studies. So if you don’t understand our club’s crazy banter or jokes, I will interpret/translate it for you. I have been a member of the Walking Club for over 5 years (since 2012), so both during my undergrad and postgrad. (Yes, another club oldie.)
As your web officer, it’s my job to make sure that this website is well organised, presentable and kept up-to-date.
As an inclusion officer, I think your wellbeing and participation are very important. we encourage all members to get involved as much as they can and this includes international students, disabled students and postgraduate and mature students as well. Some of my favourite walks include Fairholmes to Margery Hill and Eyam to Bakewell along the Monsal trail.