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The Committee

Who runs the club, what they look like, and what they have to say about it!

Hanz Tantiangco

President & Trips
Hi! I'm Hanz, a third year student of Molecular Biology. The type of walks I enjoy are the challenging ones like the Long Distance Walkers Association's Challenge Events. Being a President and Trips Officer this year makes me responsible for organising the club's trips around the UK and the overall running of the club. I am excited to continue being a committee member this year, and hope to see plenty of you on our trips and walks! 

Noye Isamah

Vice-President & Treasurer
As treasurer, any money you give to a committee member ultimately ends up with me, and I make sure it gets to the right place. Being VP is also quite behind the scenes – I keep minutes for our committee meetings and answer any external emails. Don’t worry though, you’ll probably meet me on a walk or two!

Anthony Choi

Safety and Training & Inclusions
It’s now my 7th year being a part of the club. My main role on the committee this year is to make sure everyone remains safe and happy on our walks. I’m also responsible for the training of our new leaders and making sure that everyone on our walks feels included.   

Lotte Frørup

Publicity & Fundraising
I'm the one who sends out the weekly emails that fill your inbox, as well as making the leaflets and notifying you of any other events. Also, I will be arranging some fundraising for our chosen charity, Edale Mountain Rescue. 

Jordan Fisher

Walks & Equipment
Essentially my job involves making sure we have leaders on walks, and making sure we have kit on walks - quite simple! I also work with the rest of the committee keeping the website up-to-date :)

Tomos King

Social Secretary
As social sec I have the honour of choosing where we have our Thursdays Social and the club Christmas meal.
Favourite pub: Notty House
Favourite walk: Any that end in a pub

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