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All of your questions about the club answered!

-    Joining us is easy! Just head over to our Join Us page and follow the instructions       there. Any difficulties please contact the details provided.

-    Yes they can! Non-members are very welcome on our walks, they just have to give us       a few details (Next of kin details/U-card number) and pay a £2 fee per walk.

-    Walks are traditionally every Saturday and Sunday, although sometimes we run walks       at different times, so keep an eye out on the What's On? page. 

-    You are very welcome to bring a dog on our walks! Please bear in mind that dogs       aren't always allowed on the public transport we use (although they are usually       allowed in the pubs we visit at the end!).

-    Northern (the rail service we most commonly use) do allow dogs on their trains, with a       few restrictions.

-    Also please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for your dog during the       walk, it is solely your responsibility to both keep safe and keep it safe around       livestock.

-    Membership of the club only costs £5 per year - this gets you free access to any of       our walks that we run.

-    It does not cover any insurance, nor are you covered by any (the University's      public liability insurance only covers you on their grounds). However, we always      have a First-Aider on our walks & our leaders will do their best to look after you.

-    Your membership fee goes directly into the running of the club, as we do subsidise       various activities and training for our leaders. It also goes towards keeping our kit               up-to-date!

-    Our weekly socials are every Thursday, either in a pub in Sheffield chosen by us or at       another venue for our non-drinking socials! These are new this year and we are       aiming to have at least 3 per semester.

-    For up-to-date timings, check the What's On page.

-    There are several good places to buy kit! Decathalon, GO Outdoors & Blacks all provide       high quality kit (that our leaders use!) at good prices.

-    We have previously done a lock-in with Blacks in the past where we get discounted       prices - keep an eye on our events as this is something we would like to do again!

-    For detail on what kit you should buy, check out our Kit page.

-    Leader training is run yearly, usually in October-November. We will advertise when this       is going to happen - if you miss out, feel free to drop us a message (contact details       are at the bottom of this page)

-    Grade 1 training is taught and assessed internally by the club - we'll go over basic       navigational techniques (map & compass, including new technologies), as well as       group leading techniques & walk planning. We will put these skills into practice       outdoors on a training walk as well as running through safety scenarios.

-    After you've completed your initial training, assessment comes in two parts:

    -     Your first co-lead is leading a walk which another leader has planned, and they will            be with you along with at least one other. This gives you an opportunity to show            your navigational skills as well as your group leading.

    -     The second co-lead is one where you plan and organise the walk yourself (we will            help you with this!), and lead it (again with an assessing pair of leaders). Once we            are happy with both of your co-lead walks we will sign you off!

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