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Useful Information

Here's some stuff we think you might want to know!

How to Join

If you want to join the club there is no need to contact us in advance, simply join online via the Sports Sheffield website and log in using you MUSE username and password. The membership fee for the entire academic year will be £5, and as with all University sports clubs, you have a 14 day moneyback guarantee. Details of our next social and walk can be found on the This Week page. If you would like to receive details of all club events every Tuesday by e-mail, please fill in the mailing list form on the homepage.

The club warmly welcomes any non-student members. When we say 'non-student,' we mean anyone who isn't a full- or part- time Sheffield University student, so members of staff, Union life members and students at other universities are all classed as non-students. 

All club members are automatically covered for third party liability insurance. This means you are covered if you are injured as a result of the negligence of any other member of the group, or if you accidently injure another member of the group or of the public. However, you are not insured if you are injured as a result of your own actions (such as seeing if you can jump across a ravine), or in an unavoidable accident (such as being hit by a 4" hailstone in July)..


Gear Advice

SUWC would like everyone to enjoy their experience of the outdoors, so spending a lot of money on kit is not what SUWC is about. However there are some key items we would like you to have when you come walking with us! Jeans are a big NO NO on club walks! If you arrive at the meeting point for a walk wearing jeans you will be immediately turned away. Wearing Jeans in damp, cold, wet weather is not a nice experience so please wear light quick drying trousers. E.g. walking trousers, tracksuit bottoms or joggers. Good shoes are another important piece of kit. Walking boots or shoes with good ankle support and a rigid sole are necessary as we walk on uneven rocky terrain. The amount of kit needed for each walk will vary depending on weather conditions and terrain. The decision on what kit is suitable is made by the leaders of the walk. Checking out the latest weather forecasts can help you decide on which items you need to wear and which you need to pack! Please bring a waterproof coat as we are walking in England and the weather can be wet.

Club walks are graded as either low- or high-level, high level walks being more exposed or on rougher terrain. Weather conditions may also affect which grade walks are given. The grading for each walk will be given on the calendar, in the weekly newsletter and on the This Week page of this website. 

If you need to buy any reasonably priced kit, Sheffield has many good outdoor shops. Decathlon and Go Outdoors are popular choices and a map is given on the This Week page. The market is always a cheap alternative! Check out the Market Place for any second hand kit.

Remember members of the club also get extra discounts at GO Outdoors in Sheffield! Check out the sponsorship information on the home page for more information