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This Week!

Here's some more detailed information about what we're getting up to this week!

End of Year BBQ

Friday 9th June 2017

To celebrate the end of the semester at SUWC, we've decided to host the barbecue ourselves! (It totally wasn't because the usual pub one was taken...) But we can make this better than ever before!

We'll be providing the BBQs and food, so all you need to bring is £5 to cover costs. Bring your favourite drink along too!

For more information please visit our Facebook page (Here!) and click on the event. If you’re interested in going remember to fill in the poll if you have any dietary requirements.   

SUWC Alumni Walk

Saturday 10th June 2017

SUWC is organising a reunion, summer social walk for all members of the club, past and present. We are hoping lots of you can come on the walk for it will be a chance to reminisce and catch up!

On this walk, we'll be going up a long-forgotten favourite of the club; Kinder Scout, the highest point in the Peaks. But instead of going up straight from Edale, we'll walk along the start of the Pennine way before turning off and going up Crowden Clough, which hides several waterfalls cascading down the steep mountainside. We'll then walk along the edge of the plateau where we will be rewarded for our long climb by impressive views of the Edale Valley, before descending opposite Lose Hill and looping back around to Edale, for some well-deserved meal at the The Rambler Inn.

We will be catching the 11:14 train out from Sheffield, which arrives into Edale at 11:48. Meet us at Sheffield station at 10:50 or at Edale train station at 11:45 if you are coming by car.

Train times back to Sheffield: 19:33, 21:33 and 23:01

Length: 10.9 miles

Difficulty: Medium/Hard

Travel Cost: £5.70 with a railcard / £8.60 without a railcard

Donate to Edale Mountain Rescue!

Thank-you to everyone who came on our relay walk a few weeks ago and we hope that you enjoyed it. As regular visitors of the Peak District, we are lucky to have never needed the services of Edale Mountain Rescue, but we are incredibly grateful that they are there, ready and willing to help us if necessary.

To help them continue the amazing work that they do every year we try and raise some money for them. Last year we managed to raise £368 just from the relay walk, which was fantastic! In order to raise more money, we have set up a Just-Giving Page. If anyone has some spare money to donate to a good cause please feel free to click on the link below. 

Click Here to Donate!

We've announced where we're going, head over to the trips page to find out more!

The Summer Trip!